Strattons Farm

Our Meats

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Our farm

We are two farmers caring for a small farm in Granville Centre in the Annapolis Valley.  With every seed we aim to germinate a stronger and more sustainable way of living, growing and raising our food.

Pastured Meats

We pasture raise our animals and additional feed is supplemented with GMO Free grains and surplus vegetables from our market garden.  

Our farm

We are building a farm for sustainability, a home for our livestock, bees, vegetables, wild pollinators, birds and animals.  Our aim is to look to the past to create a greener future for all. 

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Strattons Farm offers a Summer and Fall vegetables basket CSA.  Our Summer CSA runs for 16 weeks from June till October.  Our Fall baskets run for 8 weeks from October till the end  of November. During winter we offer bulk vegetables boxes from December onwards. 

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